Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Black & Blue Together?!


Man what a busy night it has been with homework, going to the gym and catching up on some blog stuff! Needless to say it's pretty late so I am going to make this quick. Today's outfit is breaking one of those fashion rules everyone seems to know. No wearing black and blue together however I think this cobalt color really looks nice with black. Not all shades of blue look good with black however this color really does. I love this shirt but I also hate this shirt. Ok so I love the color and look of it however I hate it because it gets SO wrinkly. I ironed the whole shirt this morning (#effort) and by the end of the day when I took these pictures it was back to being wrinkly! Does this ever happen to you? Also I forgot how much I love these leggings from J-Crew however I don't wear them as often because they are dry clean only. I don't know about you but dry clean sucks and these pants are about the only thing I have that's dry clean. Lets just say I have a love hate relationship with some of my clothes today ;) BTW I might be creative but I am not that creative so I have to give credit to the amazing blog Brighton The Day for giving me inspiration for today's look!

Blouse: Old Navy (similar) (similar) / Sweater: Target / Leggings: J-Crew Factory / Flats: Payless (similar-super cute) / Necklace: My Name Necklace / Earrings: Miadora 

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