Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Favs:

I am back with another Friday Favs post as I enjoy creating these and you guys seem to love reading them! I don't know about you but I could not be more happy that it's Friday as this week felt like forever! Enjoy and TGIF ;) 

 1. Sail To Sable's resort collection is to die for!! The colors and style of there new tunics are amazing. They just make me want spring to come even more. 


2. I have been using this FREE printable blog planner the past few weeks and I love it. I put the calendar in a binder and it has helped keep me organized for the blog. I recommend printing this if you are a blogger. 


3. This turquoise bracelet is super cute and it's only $10. I love the color and simpleness of it! 


4. This is a bit random but I have been loving pineapple as a morning fruit. Not only is it healthy but it's so good!


 5. Special K chocolate cereal as been my go to snack lately when I am craving something sweet and chocolatey!


6. I love this new song by Ellie Goulding! 


7. This is kind of random but I saw this Alex and Ani commercial and I thought I would share it because I think it's really nice!


8. This week I watched an episode of Undercover Boss figuring the company Stella & Dot. I found the CEO Jessica Herrin very interesting. So if you are a business nerd like me then you should definitely check out this video to learn more about her company. I have heard of Stella and Dot before but her company store is interesting! 

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