Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Favs

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone had a good week. Mine was pretty good other then the fact that the past two days it has been back to snowing (crying emoji)! Today's Friday Favs are a bunch of random things that I have been liking! Now lets go celebrate the weekend ;) 

1. This song House of Cards I heard on the radio while driving the other day and something about it I really like! It also has not been over played yet which is a plus!

2. MsGoldGirl on Youtube has been posting daily vlogs and I really enjoy watching them before bed! If you don't know a vlog is a documentation of day to day life. Some might find them extremely boring but I really enjoy them (maybe because I love me some reality TV). They also help to remind me to enjoy little things daily! You should definitely check her out. 

3. I think I have to include a food item in every post so this week is vanilla Chex. It is a good afternoon snack. 

4.  I know I posted about this yesterday but the Lilly for Target line is perfect! 

5. The Scallops on this dress are perfect! The color and design is really chic! This makes me want summer to come even more.

6.  Ivanka Trump's interview in Marie Clarie is a good read. She is a great business women and I love her fashion! All around she is an amazing person.

7. I know this TV show is not the most intelligent but I love some good old reality TV. I really like this show because it takes place in Charleston, SC. The houses and scenery are so pretty. 

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