Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lilly For Target Preview!!!!!!

Dresses  / Shorts / Scarfs

Guys I can hardly contain myself the Lilly Pulitzer for Target preview is now OUT!! Yes you read that right. I think you can tell by how many exclamation points are in this title how excited I am! When I first heard about this collection I I had two thoughts. First were they going to have dresses and second how much would they cost? Well both my wishes came true! Yes they have dresses and the price of them is $38 (amazing).  Their dresses are perfect for any occasion. Not to mention the patterns on the dresses are super cute. I can't even pick my favorite. The collection comes out April 19th and I am counting down the days. I want all 4 dresses pictured above but then again I might not go to college next year if I do that (it's "only" $152 for all four). So which dress is your absolute favorite? The collection also has home, beauty, shoes and accessories as well but I wanted to show you my top items. What do you think of this collection? 

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