Saturday, June 11, 2016

Current Favorites

I hope everyone is doing well! Today I thought I would share with you some of my current favorites of the moment. They are things I have recently been loving since I moved to Baltimore. I recently have finally been having a little bit of free time to hopefully start blogging more frequently. I have really just been trying to enjoy my days off as much as I can. My grandparents came to visit for a day this past weekend and Monday I am going to the beach on my day off which I am really excited about. Work can be quite tiring that my days off are so important.  Anyways I hope to do a video soon for something a bit different as well as more "life" posts! I hope everyone is having a good weekend. 

1. Hempz Goji Orange Lemonade Body Whip: I recently ran out of body lotion and decided to give this a try. I have only been using it for about a week but I am in love with it. The scent smells SO good and the lotion goes on smooth without feeling super sticky. 

2. Peanut M & M's: My mom recently sent me some peanut M & M's in a package and ever since then I can't go to the store without picking some up. They are not healthy at all but when you are working all day they are kind of a nice treat to come home to. 

3. Scout Phone Backgrounds: I recently discovered that scout has free downloadable phone backgrounds that are SO cute. They are just so fun and preppy. 

4. Peony Petals Candle:  The apartment I am living in this summer didn't not smell all that great when I moved in so I bought this candle from Target in hopes of helping with the smell. To my surprise it works quite well and the smell is to die for. The price was really reasonable as well. 

5. Essie Mint Candy Apple: I painted my nails with this color yesterday and I am in love with the way it turned out. The color applied so smoothly and it look so nice on the nails! Any nails polish freak needs to add this to their collection. 


6. Retail Me Not App: I recently downloaded this app to help save money while shopping and it's great. You can pull up coupons for Ulta and all different kinds of stores!  


1. Send My Love by Adele

2. Wildfire by Seafret 

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