Sunday, June 26, 2016

Thoughts & My Blogging Goals For The Rest Of 2016

Hey y'all I have recently been doing a lot of reflecting about things that have been going on in my life. I don't if it's the time of year, my internship, or what but things have been getting me thinking. So today I just wanted to sit down and share where I am at with you and what my blogging goals are for the rest of 2016.  

I was looking through old blog posts from last summer this evening and I graduated from high school one year ago from this weekend. It's a funny thing to think about because part of me feels like it was forever ago since I was in high school. Though the other part of me feels like it was just recently that I received my diploma and started a new chapter of my life. I did so much in just one year of college that it almost feels longer then a year. I also would have never imagined that I would be sitting in Baltimore hours away from home living on my own this summer. If someone would have told me last year when I graduated that I would be interning in Baltimore for the summer I probably would not of believed them. So far my internship has been ALOT of work as you can probably tell from my lack of posting. Though this job has also already taught me so many things. Not only about the hospitality field but about myself. It's given me a better understanding of my interests, likes, and dislikes. 

I have also been thinking more about Melchicmay recently and I guess I get frustrated because from the outside looking in it may seem like I am lacking in passion for the blog. When in fact it's the complete opposite of that. I have more passion then ever it's just the lack of time and energy. I recently realized that I love blogging not just because I want to share my latest outfit or opinion I like it because it's essentially like running your own business. I do EVERYTHING for  Melchicmay and I think that's part of the reason I love blogging so much. So without blabbering on too much more I have decided to create some goals of things I want to accomplish with Melchicmay before the end of 2016! I thought I would share these goals with you to make me more accountable to actually fulfill them.  

1. Host a giveaway every month | I really love hosting giveaways because it allows me to give back to all of you who read my blog so starting in July I am going to try and host a giveaway once a month whether it be with another company or just from me! 

2. Attend a blogger conference in the fall | This one is going to be a bit tricky with school and finding the time and money but I really want to attend a fashion blogger conference to help expand my knowledge. I am possibly looking into this one in the fall however the dates are not out yet. It's hard because a lot of them are right now in the summer but I have work. Also please let me know if you have any suggestions for conferences in the fall! 

3. Become a brand ambassador for one company | This is something that I am interested in because it involves business, fashion, and planning. I already have a company I am looking into but I don't want to give my secrets away just yet. 

4. Collaborate with three other bloggers | This is something that's way over due but I just have not reached out to other bloggers to collaborate on a post and help to spread each others websites! I am really excited to see who I end up working with on a few posts. 

5. Read one blogging and one fashion book | I want to help educate myself more with the industry and expand my knowledge of blogging so what better way to do this then by reading a few good books on the subject ;) 

6. Grow my Instagram to 1,000 followers | Instagram is something that I continuously struggle with but I want to continue to try and work to grow my Instagram and spread my passions! I think this might be my hardest goal yet just because of the work it's going to take.  

7. Order Melchicmay business cards | This is something I have been wanting to do for a while now I have just not gotten around to doing it. I want to order professional business cards with my website on them so I have something to share my website with others. 

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