Monday, July 18, 2016

Three Fun Days In Baltimore {Trip Recap}

As I mentioned in yesterday's blog post my family came to visit for three days and we had tons of fun exploring the area. If you didn't already know I am living in Baltimore for the summer for an internship but I really have not explored much of the area. So today I thought if would be fun to share with you a travel recap of what we ended up doing for the few days we spend together! 


My parents drove up Friday and arrived late Friday night so Saturday was our first day we spent together. We decided to head to the city of Baltimore for the first day. I don't live right in the city and I have only really ventured to the city twice so it was nice to spend the whole day in the area. We arrived in the city around lunch time. We walked around the inner harbor on the water front and near the Aquarium though we didn't go to the Aquarium because I had already been their when my grandparents came to visit and my sister had just been to an Aquarium in Atlanta but it definitely is something to check out! After walking around the harbor for a little while we took a tour on the Sea Dog. This tour was SO fun because it was both informative but it was also a speed boat that gave you a fun boat ride as well. It was not your typical boring boat ride of the city but the tour still gave lots of information. After our tour on the boat we were all hungry so we grabbed lunch at Nalley Fresh which is a salad type restaurant only in Maryland. After lunch we did some more walking and exploring in the area. We did some looking in Warby Parker, Lush, & small boutiques. We also had to go in Whole Foods and look around because my family is way to much into food. Their is none around us at home so it was a special treat. We also got some drinks while in their as well. After that we walked back to the car and drove to Nick's Fish House which was not right in the city but it was still on the water and the food was SO good. Both my parents and me got crab cakes and they were SO GOOD. Literally the best I have ever tasted. We ended the night with ice cream at TCBY and me doing some laundry at the hotel!


We spent the afternoon at the Beaver Dam Swim Club which was a really interesting swim spot with diving boards, a ropes swing, and a jumping rock. It was way busier then we expected it to be but it was the perfect day to relax and cool off because Saturday was pretty hot in the city. We even had to wait to get into the park for a good 30 minutes. It was also right down the road from my parents hotel which was super convent. I even tried the ropes swing which was pretty high but I really didn't have the arm strength to hold myself my so it was kind of a fail but at least I tried it! After spending the day swimming we went back to the hotel and changed for dinner. We need up just staying in the area and going to dinner at Famous Dave's BQQ because barbecue is my dad's favorite type of food. We ended the day with more ice cream of course and called it a night a bit early as we were all tired for a day spend in the fresh air!


Our last day together we decided to travel to Annapolis for the day which is only about an hour away from Baltimore which is not to bad of a drive. We arrived to Annapolis around 11:30ish and started the day by taking a walk at Quiet Water Park which was so beautiful. After that we headed into the city of Annapolis and found a parking ramp to park at. We first stopped for lunch at Chick and Ruth's Delly where we ordered sandwiches and ate them at the water front. This place was crazy busy and obviously a local favorite. After finishing lunch we walked around the water front and checked out all the massive boats in the water and the Naval Academy! From their we did some shopping along Main Street their was a Black Dog store, a Lilly store and the cutesiest preppy store The Lucky Knot where I managed to find another T-shirt I had to have. We walked up towards the state house and church. We finished our trip with a bang by having fresh crabs at a place called Cantler's. We decided to eat an early dinner so we got their around 5ish. Which was a really good decision because they were SO busy even early. This place was very reasonable for seafood and an experience you have to try when in Maryland!

I hope you enjoyed a little recap of what I did with the family. Tuesday they drove home and back to work I went. I had an amazing time getting to see the area with them. I am counting down the days until I can see them again (25 more days)!

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