Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What I Have Bought Recently

I have been doing a little bit of shopping and picked up a few things over the past few weeks so I thought it would be fun to share my purchases with you. I have been running out of a lot of my skin care products recently so I have needed to replace a few items! I would love to know what fun items you have purchased recently. 

One: I recently shared these sneakers in a Friday Favorites post a few weeks ago and shortly after posting that post I went ahead and bought these sneakers! I just think they are so cute and I am excited to wear them with a casual outfit. 

Two: I recently ran out of night cream so I decided to pick up this Burt's Bees sensitive night cream since I use the face wipes and face wash in this line already. I have not used it yet but I can't imagine that I will not enjoy this night cream. 

Three: Along with a new night cream I decided to pick up a new blush brush. I decided to go with the Real Techniques one because my sister uses this same brush and it seems really nice. I already own a few Real Technique brushes and I love them. 

Four: I also recently ran out of eye cream so I decided to head to Sephora and treat myself to a more high end eye cream. After much looking and debating I decided to go with my trusted Tarte brand as I have been using the Maracuja oil for a little while now. I love the Tarte brand because the products are natural and good for your skin. I have only been using this eye cream for a couple of night but so far I am really enjoying it and am kind of noticing a difference under my eyes. 

Five: When my family visited Annapolis for the day I bought a High Tide clothing pocket t-shirt in neon pink with a navy gingham pocket. I just couldn't pass by the shirt because it had my two favorite things pink and navy. I definitely think these shirts make for the perfect casual outfit! 


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