Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Favs

Happy Friday everyone we made it through the second week of 2017! This weekend I have to work a few hours everyday but we are also planning on going to see the movie Jackie at the movie theaters. I also have to start packing up my room as I start classes on Tuesday. I have lots of favorites from fashion, beauty, food, movies and music to share with you today!

Navy Toms: I recently bought a pair of toms after the holidays while shopping. I have been thinking about getting a pair for a while but I never knew what color to get until I saw the navy ones. The navy toms are perfect to wear with a casual outfit with skinny jeans. I have already gotten tons of wear out of them. They are so comfortable and I wish I would have bought these earlier!

Nashville: One of my favorite shows is Nashville so I was quite sad when ABC decided to cancel the show last year. Though CMT ended up picking up the TV show and it premiered last week and it's SO good. The two hour season premiere was better then I thought it would be!

CND Vinylux: When I was in Florida we went to get a manicure and the spa used this brand of polish. It is suppose to last seven days with no chipping. It's kind of like gel polish but you don't need a light or anything. This polish really was great and I think I might have to get a couple colors for myself. I HATE when my polish always chips after like two days. 

Chase Amie: I recently discovered her YouTube channel and I have since pretty much watched all of her videos. She also has a blog too you should check out. She manly focus on luxury goods which I have become more interested in. 

Boom Chicka Pop Dark Chocolate: I bought this popcorn at Wegmans a few weeks ago and I ate half the bag right away. It's just so good. My dad has since been back to pick up many more bags of it. The sad thing is it was limited edition for the holidays so I don't think I will be able to get to find it anymore. 

Sully: My family watched this movie a few weeks ago around the holiday's and it was amazing. Everything about it was very interesting. The acting and how they told the story was great. 

Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran: Recently heard this song on iTunes and it hooked me right away!

Not Easy by Alex Da Kid: Heard this on the radio about a month ago and while it's not super popular but it should be because it's a great collaboration. 


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