Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Years Goals For 2017

The past two years I have shared my goals for the new year with you (20152016). While I really do not have to many different things then last year I thought I would still share the things I really want to focus on improving in my life. Last year I split my goals into professional and personal however as I looked back on my professional goals from last year I really didn't accomplish too many. So I am just going to stick with the same professional goals. As for personal I accomplished quite a bit of my goals in 2016 so I manly just want to keep up with what I am already doing! As I mentioned in my Dear 2016 post 2017 is going to be the year I focus on fun. So my main focus for 2017 is going to be doing just that! What are your goals for the new year? 
Do One Fun Thing A Week
My goal is to plan one fun thing a week to do in order to keep the year fun and have something to always look forward to once I head back to school and get back into the daily grind. These fun things can be as simple as going out to eat. My plan is to share what I do for each month here on the blog!

Travel To New Places
Going with the theme of fun there is nothing I love more then exploring new places. So in 2017 I want to go to at least one new place. 

Drink A Daily Greens Smoothie
I recently bought a greens smoothie powder so I can make myself a simple healthy breakfast when at school and on the go. I want to try and keep this up throughout the year. 

End The Day With A Cup Of Tea
There is something about ending the day with a hot cup of mint tea that is so relaxing. 

Do A Weekly Spa Routine
I love pampering myself with beauty routines and I want to start doing it weekly again. I use to have a whole relaxing routine I would do on the weekends though I have not done it in a while. 

Workout 4-5X A Week
Last year I worked out three times a week but I want to try and up it to four or five days a week.

Try Five New Fitness Classes 
My local gym offers lots of different fitness classes and I want to try different one to mix up my workouts. 

Try New Healthy Recipes
I don't mind cooking but I don't love it so I want to try to find some easy healthy recipes to try out. 

Film & Upload More Videos 
I really enjoy making videos for you guys to change things up every once and a while and I want to do more of this on the blog!

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