Thursday, March 9, 2017

Current Favorites

I don't think I mentioned this before but I took a quick trip to Florida to soak up some sunshine and visit family! Me and my dad got in this afternoon and we leave Saturday so it's a very quick trip but it's still worth being in Florida for a few days before school and life resume again. It's been a little while since I last shared some of my favorites so I thought I would share some things I am loving and lusting over! 

Snacks // These Vans Bars and The Good Bean Chickpeas are my go to snacks as of recently. I picked these granola bars up on a whim the other day at Wegmans and they are SO GOOD. They literally taste like a PBJ sandwich. The chickpeas are also surprisingly good considering I normally don't like chickpeas but they are really good in a crunchy form! 

Sneakers // I bought these Nike sneakers last weekend on a girls shopping trip with my mom and sister. I completely love the color and they are so comfortable. I love that they look good with both leggings and jeans. 

Makeup // On the same shopping trip last weekend I picked up a few new makeup products to replace some old items and I am really enjoying this Tarte BB Cream. It does a good job covering up my skin but it doesn't feel heavy at all. I really think this is a great foundation for the spring and summer especially. 

J Crew Factory // I have been loving a ton of clothes J Crew Factory has been coming out with including these super cute shorts and striped top. Their clothes are just so classic but some how they always manage to add a little something to make it extra special! 

Apple Watch // This is something I honestly never thought I would want however I recently have been thinking of adding this beauty to my wish list. I love the color combo of the navy and rose gold. While I love my Daniel Wellington Watch I really don't change the band out from the leather strap and this Apple watch could possible serve as my everyday watch as it has a more sporty look. The other main attraction to my reasoning behind this watch is the fitness side of it. I have been wanting something to track calories, steps, etc and this makes more since then getting a Fitbit. If you have an Apple watch I would love your thoughts. I am still thinking... 

Songs // I have been loving the Ed Sheeran album that just came out. I also have been enjoying One Republic's album Oh My Way that came out in October. This is partially because they always play the songs at work. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see y'all back here soon 😚

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