Saturday, June 17, 2017

My Day Off

This week I decided to plan out my day off in order to make the most of it! When I only have about one day off a week my goal is to make the most of each one I have to make summer feel more like summer! I really enjoyed my day off and so I thought I would share with you what I ended up doing to maybe give you some idea of your own. 

Going Out For Brunch // This is something that I really enjoy doing every once in a while because it feels like a treat! It's nice to be able to sleep in and then go out for a relaxing brunch. I started my day off going to a brunch restaurant around 11ish after sleeping in! 

Trying Something New // This is always exciting however trying something new all the time can get expensive but it's fun to try new things every once and and a while. For my day off I decided to sign up for a Pure Barre class as I have never taken one and I have been wanting to try a class out of a while. I am so glad I did it was challenging but also an amazing workout at the same time! 

Walking On The Beach // Obviously this is not something that everyone can do but just taking a walk outside somewhere in general is so refreshing. Walking on the beach is so relaxing and I am trying to hit up the beach as much as possible before the summer ends. 

Working Out // Obviously my workout on my day off was Pure Barre but I always love getting in a good workout when I am off. It makes me feel refreshed and accomplished! 

Shopping // Before I walked on the beach I stopped into a few beach shops and looked around. I love shopping and looking even if I don't plan on buying anything! It's fun to see what's out their and just have fun looking. 

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