Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Year Of Fun: May 2017

I figured it was better late than never even though this is a bit late getting to you! I would say that May seemed to fly by really quickly and I can't believe it's already June 7th. May was a really fun month for me. The first week was not to exciting as I spent my time studying and taking all my finals. Though once I was done with school I enjoyed my time off with family in preparation for my move to South Carolina. Even though I am working I still am having lots of fun during my free time and it still feels like summer! 

1. Brunch With Family // We tried a new restaurant for brunch on my mom's birthday and it was so good. I had eggs benedict which I normally never order but it was amazing. We also order a bread tray that came with homemade jam and these popovers which were amazing too. My mom's birthday celebration was a really nice day. 

2. Food Truck Event // In downtown Buffalo they have a weekly food truck night for the whole summer and we made a point to go before I left for the summer. It was really cold the night that we went but the food made up for it! 

3. Went To My Favorite Restaurants // Since I am gone for the whole summer we went to a few of my favorite restaurants the week before I left. It was really nice to be able to spend time with family enjoying some of my favorite places before I left. 

4. Moved To South Carolina // This is something that have could have turned into anything but fun as I am here because of an internship for the summer but I have been loving it. I have been to the beach a number of times, went to Savannah for an afternoon, climbed up a lighthouse, and tried a few new restaurants. I have been loving the warm weather and spending my free time relaxing! 

5. Went Kayaking // During our training we got to go kayaking for the afternoon and it was a lot of fun. I had not been in a few years and I really enjoyed it. The wind kept pushing us back so it was a bit of a arm workout but it was worth it! 

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