Saturday, May 27, 2017

Life Update & Current Favorites


Guys I am back and am going to try and make an effort to post a few blog posts a week. I officially started my first day of work yesterday and so I now have a set scheduled which should help me figure out when I can spend a few hours to write a few posts each week. Before this week we had training and had a pretty random schedule so I found it hard to find the time to work on blogging. Plus when I am not working I am trying to spend time making the most of the summer. I have already been to the beach and pool many times. I also visited Savannah for a short trip over the weekend! So far I am really enjoying my time here in South Carolina. I am really liking the job, weather, and most of all I am having fun! My plan is to spend a few hours one day a week hopefully writing about four posts for the week if all goes well but hang tight until I get into a schedule! I thought I would share some of my current favorites with you to get back into a posting routine. 

Weekend Plans: Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone. I hope you have fun spending time outside with family to celebrate the start of summer. I will be working this weekend but at least I can enjoy some warm weather. 


True North Wine Glass: This wine glass is like a Yeti and it's the perfect wine glass to keep your drink cold!

Embroidered Dress: This is SO CUTE and I really want to try it on to see if it looks as good on as it does online.

Lauren James Ruffle Top: I saw this in person in a store in Savannah and I thought it was so cute. I did not try it on because I did not want to be tempted to buy it but I am sure it would look super cute on!

Red Nike Sneakers: Just another pair of shoes to add to my collection....

Eating: Really nothing to different in this category but I will say that I have been having lots of sandwiches and simple meals as I am making all my own food. I also have been really loving an occasional cup of sweet tea.

Watching: I really have not had to much time to watch too much but The Bachelorette started this week and new episodes of Nashville start soon! I am still watching Grey Anatomy on Netflix and I am now on season 3. 

Listening: All I have been listening to is country music because nothing fits better for a summer in the south and TBH I have been to lazy to find other stations on the radio but the songs I have been really loving include..
Hurricane by Luke Combs 
What Ifs by Kane Brown

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