Monday, May 8, 2017

Sophomore Year Of College In Review

As promised I back today to share a review of my sophomore year of college in picture form! Sorry this didn't get up sooner but my weekend turned into organizing and packing all my crap and my room is still a disaster (It's a work in progress). When I was going through my pictures I realized a lot of these pictures I have already shared on the blog here and their in various blog posts but I thought it would still be fun to share them in one place. I also tried to include some different pictures you have never seen. So here is parts of my sophomore year...  

Saw Jesse McCartney In Concert At School
Went On A Hike With Friends
Had My First Legal Drink In Canada
Bid Day Sorority Party
Went Apple Picking While Home For Columbus Day
Got A Perfect Little
Took A Panting Class With Friends
Ran The Turkey Trot Again
Got A Christmas Tree
Was Freezing For The Polar Plunge
Went To Florida With One Of My High School BFF's
Saw Chris Young In Concert 
My Little Got Initiated
Went On A Quick Florida Trip With My Dad
Sorority Formal 
Went To Vermont For Easter
Had A Parents Day For Sorority 
Celebrated My Mom's Birthday Day 

Another great school year in the books! While I did more things with sorority and friends than what I showed I picked out my favorites plus a lot of sorority events I don't have pictures from because I always forget to take pictures. Hope you had an awesome year too if you're in college. 

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