Monday, May 1, 2017

Year Of Fun: April 2017

Another month has past which means it is time to share another edition in the year of fun for April. I have to say April kept me SO busy that it didn't leave much time to do additional fun things aside from what I already had planned. April was the last full month of school which left me very busy. I also pretty much had a sorority event every week in April. Add on my job at the mall and I had a full plate. I still managed to make the most of the month and find time to do fun things when I had some free time. I honestly can't believe it is already May today. The months seem to be flying by but I love checking in each month. It really helps me stay positive and enjoy each day more. I think it might be fun to look back on my new years resolutions post and see what else I could improve on in the coming months. As for the next few months while I am away for the summer I plan to enjoy everyday I have off. My experiences last summer really inspired this series so I know what to do differently this summer. I know I have to take the time to enjoy my summer every chance I get! More to come on my big move to South Carolina...

1. Trip To Vermont // I won't talk about this too much because I did a whole blog post here on our Easter trip to Manchester. It was so nice to take a mini vacation and enjoy a new town. We ate lots, shopped even more, enjoyed each others company, and had tons of fun! 

2. Celebrated My Mom's Birthday // Today is my mom's birthday day (happy bday wishes if your reading this)! Since I couldn't be home to celebrate today I went home for the weekend and had the best time! Saturday night we tried a new restaurant for dinner. Sunday we tried a new place for brunch I had found online that was so good. Then I spent the afternoon doing random errands with my mom. Finally we ended the night with some cake! It was such a great time. 

3. Lots Of Sorority Events // I included this in my month of fun because a lot of what I did this month was sorority related. I volunteered for both Relay For Life and The Special Olympics. We celebrated the graduating seniors last week and went out to dinner too! Then this past weekend was the parents day weekend which was really special. Going to miss all this during the summer (not the school part though)!

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