Friday, May 5, 2017

My Thoughts On My Sophomore Year Of College

At the end of freshman year I shared some pictures about some of the things I did throughout the year and I wanted to do that same post this year. I also wanted to share my thoughts on the year so I decide to split the posts into two separate posts so it's not so long. So today I am simply sharing my thoughts about my second year of college and tomorrow I will be back to share some more about what I did throughout the year!

I am not going to lie sophomore year was for sure a challenging one more so than freshman year. Not in the academic sense but in every other aspect it was trying. I started off the very beginning of the year having to decide if I wanted to continue being apart of an academic club I invested so much time in as a freshman. It really did not fit my interests anymore so I decide to not continue with it. I then had a lot of decision I had to make with regards to friends. Some of my friends I made freshman year were just not worth holding onto. This decision to distance myself from some friends was hard but I knew I needed to do it. I then started to make new friends but those friendships struggled too. I then decided to get a part time job which was something I was a bit unsure about but it worked out. Needless to say my fall semester had a lot of low moments that left me pretty unhappy. Winter break was just what I needed to get back to being myself. Over break I accepted my summer internship in Hilton Head and things started to look up. Spring semester I started to feel more like myself. I was happy with my friendships. I added an HR minor and started taking more business classes. My part time job was working out and my classes were going good. I focused on really being more involved in my sorority where I got to become closer with my sisters. I got accepted into an honors society and even decided to run for president of our sorority as our current one stepped down (I didn't get the position but I am proud I gave the speech without being too nervous). I guess I realized while thinking about this year is that I changed. They do say you change in college but I didn't feel it last year. I realized this year I decided to do things that truly made me happy even if they scared me. I at many times wasn't sure if I was making the right decisions but I trusted myself and things worked out! I even decided to make the change and live off campus next year with friends. So I guess while sophomore year was hard at times I leaned to be a bit selfish and do things for myself. I am ending this school year much happier than when I started. I am so excited to see how things play out junior year but I have a feeling it might be the best year yet!

Interested in knowing what my goals were for the school year? Check this post out as I am happy to report I worked on completing all of these!

My Quotes For The Year:

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