Tuesday, March 5, 2019

February Book Review: Girl Wash Your Face

At the beginning of January I shared a book review from the books I read from the month of December and I really enjoyed writing the post so I am back today with a book review from the book I read from the month of February. I am trying to get better at reading more books just for "fun" because I have not done it in forever. In December I got a few books to read on vacation and I really loved getting into a good book. I didn't really read a book in January but February I picked up this book Girl Wash Your Face By Rachel Hollis. It is a self help / motivation read. I will probably try to switch off every month between this type of book and more of a "beach read". I wanted to get this book review up because Rachel just launched her second book today in response to this book. It is called Girl Stop Apologizing and I can't wait to read it! 

Overview: This book is a self help / motivational book about lessons Rachel has leaned over the years. Each chapter starts with a lie she believed about herself and then the chapter talks about why she believed it and how she came to realize the lie was false. She talks about things like weight, overcoming hard times, relationships and just things most women face. 

Review: I enjoyed this book but I wouldn't say it is my favorite motivational book I have ever read. I think the message and advice she gives is great. My only thing with the book was some of the chapters I found it hard to relate to as she had a few chapters about being a mom, wife, etc. Some chapters I found really helpful though and the book as a whole was easy to read and entertaining. It was definitely weird how much I had in common with her life in some of the chapters. I for sure want to read her second book Girl Stop Apologizing. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 ⭐️ 

Favorite Quote (really hard so I am picking two): "Every single moment is preparing you for the next. But whether or not you choose to see this time as something wonderful - the time when God is stretching you and growing you or maybe forging you in fires hotter than you think you can withstand - all of it is growing you for the person you're becoming, for a future you can't even imagine." 

"You cannot ignore the pain. You cannot ever leave it behind completely. The only thing you can do is find a way to embrace the good that came out of it - even if it takes years to discover what that is."

What Does The Title Mean: If you are like me when I was started reading this book I wondered what she meant by Girl Wash Your Face. Well this is what she means and I think she did a great job ending the book with the title. Wash Your Face is about starting everyday with a fresh start. Wiping off the pain and struggle of yesterday to get back into reaching those goals and taking charge of your life because only you have the power to change your life! 

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