Sunday, January 12, 2020

2019 Recap & Updates

Hi, y'all it has been SO LONG since I have been on here but I am super excited to be back. I feel like so much has happened since I last posted a blog post. I had lots of good changes in 2019 but the blog just wasn't fitting into my daily schedule. I ended up getting a job a few months after graduation and moved to Dallas, TX! I am settled into this new chapter and am loving it. I have been missing sharing my tips, life, fashion and everything else here. I am excited and re energized to be back here with everyone. I thought the best way to catch you up with what I have been up to is by sharing my top moments of 2019!

1. Visited Niagara on The Lake

2. Winter Fun

3. Florida Sun

4. Easter in D.C.

5. Final Sorority Event

6. Graduated From College

7. County Concert

8. St. Petersburg, FL Trip

9. Moved to Dallas

10. Summer in Martha's Vineyard

11. Started New Job

12. Explored Texas 

13. Adopted a Corgi!

14. Sister & Mom Visited Me

15. Holiday Fun

16. Thanksgiving Back Home

17. Christmas Back Home

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