Monday, October 27, 2014

Tartan Hat OOTD

It feels like FOREVER since I last did a blog post. These past few weeks have been crazy and I have not had much extra time to blog. Plus this time of year is a bear for taking pictures after school. During the summer and in September I would have my sister take my pictures later at night and it would still be light out. However now because it gets dark out so quickly I am finding it harder and harder to find time to take pictures. I also have come to realize that I believe quality is better then quantity. It's better to have a few posts a week with really good quality photos then a post everyday with ok quality photos. This has been hard for me to stick to much I just want to get stuff posted ASAP but often times it's better if I wait. When I look back at some of my very first blog posts I cringe at how BAD the photos were (what was I thinking).

Today's OOTD is what I wore on my day trip to Providence, RH to visit a school. I am in love with tartan with year and my favorite color combo with fall seems to be army green with navy so lets just say this outfit is perfect. I LOVE this hat I bought last week on Country Club Prep even more then I thought I would. This outfit I wore on the college visit was perfect because the blazer gives it a more sophisticated look while the hat gives it a more casual look. I think this outfit is just prefect ;)

View of the water 
Car Selfie from Instagram 
Can you spot the sail boats? 
Top: J-Crew Factory / Blazer: Target/ Jeans: American Eagle/ Scarf: Forever 21 (similar)  / Hat: Southern Proper / Boots: Aerosoles / Necklace: My Name Necklace / Earrings: Charming Charlie's / Boots Socks: L.L. Bean 

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