Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Black Dog OOTD

This week has been CRAZY and so I have had no time to take pictures or blog. Normally my sister takes my blog pictures but our schedules after school leave no time for taking pictures before it gets dark out. I guess I might have to start taking pictures on the weekend for the week. Also my iPhoto on my computer has been acting kind of funny which has made it even harder to get pictures. 

Anyways I wanted to get an OOTD up today so I decided to show you an OOTD from a while ago. I got this Black Dog sweatshirt for my birthday and I LOVE it. This sweatshirt is literally the most comfy thing going and the best part is you can wear it with leggings (did that this week). I have never been to the Black Dog Tavern in Maine, but I would love to travel to Maine sometime. I am planning on taking a bunch of pictures tomorrow so I will have outfits to show you guys. I was going to post my outfit from today  but the pictures were taken on my phone and I am too much of a perfectionist to post them. I always keep my blog real but I can't bring myself to upload really bad photos after looking back on what I have posted in the past. At least it's almost the weekend which I desperately need right now (cheering)  ;) 

Sweatshirt: The Black Dog / Jeans: Loft / Shoes: Converse  / Earrings: Charming Charlie's / Watch: New York and Co 

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