Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April Showers


While this picture might not make it seem like it the weather has been crazy! Yesterday it was thundering and raining all day and then today it was SO windy. When I mean windy I mean it was windy enough to blow a package off the front step and into the yard (#crazy)! So I decided to pull out this poncho sweater that is pretty wintry. Though I paired it with a bright colored shirt to make it more spring appropriate. I also swapped out my winter boots for my trusted Sperry's. I swear if I just owned one pair of shoes it would be these. They are so comfortable and they go with everything! Sperry's are definitely worth every penny even though they are pricey. I hope everyones week is going well even though it's only Tuesday! I know I have some fun plans this weekend and I can't wait for this movie to come out because it looks really good! 

Poncho: Forever 21 (similar) / T-shirt: Gap (similar)  / Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: Sperry's  / Earrings: Miadora / Bracelets: Lily and Laura 

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