Thursday, April 30, 2015

Scatter Brain


Well I am feeling very scatter brained tonight so I am just going to mention a bunch of things with some updates (sorry if this post is all over the place)! 

1. I think I might have spoke to soon on being annoyed with the new iPhoto because the editing software is amazing. While I am still getting some stuff figured out the new software is really similar to Lightroom which is not free! 

2. I can't believe tomorrow is already May 1st! Congrats to anyone who is also a senior and decided on a college. I am planning to do some blog posts on this now that I am officially done with the process. 

3. I can't wait to watch Gray's Anatomy tomorrow night after last weeks shocking episode! 

4. I currently have this song stuck in my head after hearing it on Pandora. 

5. Working out has really been something I have come to enjoy (#shocking)! Any recommendations for cute workout gear? I could use a few new things. 

6. Finally I am loving today's outfit even though I was in a major rush to get ready this morning!

T Shirt: J Crew Factory / Skirt: Target (similar) / Shoes: Target (similar) (similar)  / Earrings: Miadora / Headband: Etsy

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