Sunday, April 12, 2015

Trip To Boston

I am back from my trip to Boston! Sorry I only had three pre-scheduled blog posts but I just ran out of time. I also thought I could post a few posts while in Boston but I quickly found out that was not going to happen. 

So I was in Boston from Monday-Friday with my church youth group. The weather was really crappy but we still managed to have lots of fun. The trip turned out better then I expected given the weather & activities we did. This trip could not have come at a better time after having had a pretty bad March. It might sound weird but I finally felt like myself again! Going with a group can be tricky because everyone has different interests. We definitely did things that I would never do had I not gone in a group. I would love to go back to Boston in the summer A) because the weather would be nicer and B) I really want to take a duck tour, go to Fenway park & hit up some shopping! All in all the trip was really fun and I LOVE Boston (one of my favorite cities)! 

I thought I would share with you my trip in pictures ;) I hoped to get some outfit pictures while in Boston however that didn't not happen due to the rainy weather!

All packed up with my L.L. Bean tote

We took the train to Boston! That was an experience in its self as I had never been on a train before.  It was a really LONG ride and I was not a total fan of it. 
Had lunch at Legal Seafood Harborside! 
The food was amazing 
The view from the restaurant was great and would be amazing in the summer!

Views of the city from an observation deck. 

State House & walked parts of the freedom trail 

New England Aquarium 

Took the T down to Harvard & then had dinner at Border Cafe (image)

Visited lots of old churches 

Went up into the bell tower at Kings Chapel
I love these houses in Back Bay  

Visited the Museum of Fine Arts 

Went to Quincy Market a few times! This place is so cool with about every type of food you could imagine. 

Had an Italian Dinner
As if we didn't eat enough we had to get pastry's too ;) 

Bell tower of Old North Church 
Flew Back home late Friday night :(

I hope everyone had a great weekend & break if you went anywhere! After not having blogged in a few days I am happy to be back and will see you tomorrow. 

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