Sunday, June 14, 2015

Current Favorites

I am back after a mini break of no blogging because of senior prom and being crazy busy! Prom was SO much fun and I can't wait to share everything with you in another blog post. The craziness I think is starting to die down a little bit so I should be back to regular posting soon! Anyways before we start back in to our normal outfits I thought I would share with you some current favorites as it's been a while!

1. Monogram PFG: I really want one of these for summer vacation as it makes the perfect cover up and the monogram adds a cute touch! 

2. See You Again: This song is one of my favorite pop songs right now especially because I am graduating. I also love the last scene in this music video. 

3. You're Gonna Miss This: This song is not new but it's the perfect graduation song that I think sums it up perfectly! 

4.I'm Comin' Over: This song from Chris Young is definitely my favorite country song of the moment.  

5. SteriPods: This might be the most random favorite ever but these Steripods are the perfect tooth brush cover because they kill the germs while in the cover! Genius right? 

6. Tea: This new Starbucks peach green tea is SO good you have to try it. 
7. Asics Sneakers: I love colorful workout clothes more then anything and these sneakers are perfect because they go with every color! I really want these new sneakers for the gym.  

8. Popcorn: I don't know what it is about this popcorn but it's SO good and I love this as a semi healthy snack! 

9. Astronauts Wife's Club: I am excited so see how this new ABC show is as the previews look good. The show kind of reminds me of the old show Panam which I loved. 

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