Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Everyday Makeup & My Ramble

Today I am sharing with you more of my beauty routine! I posted my night time skin care a while ago and said I was going to do more beauty posts but to be honest beauty posts are not my fav though I do love sharing with you guys what I use! 

7. Sun Bum Lip Balm / 8. Makeup Brushes (not pictured) 

I will try not to ramble on but I could talk about this topic forever! Basically I have gone through A LOT of stages with my daily makeup. When I first started to "play" with makeup in middle school lets just say I matched eyeshadow to my outfits and made some tragic mistakes. But doesn't everyone do this?! After that stage I started to really get into makeup after discovering the millions of YouTube videos pertaining to beauty. I would watch video after video and want more makeup and more makeup. Thank god I was in middle school and really could not afford tons of makeup because I would have definitely regretted that decision. YouTube videos on makeup made me want to spend tons of time and money on myself to make me look more beautiful. This stage in my makeup lasted from late middle school to early high school. I don't regret watching YouTube videos because it lead me to discover blogs! Though I wish I would have better understood that it can be fun to watch these videos though I don't need to go above and beyond in the makeup department! I eventually came to realize that beauty is not in the makeup but in loving your true self! Sorry that sounds totally cheesy but it's true. Now I wear minimal makeup to cover up acne and just look more awake. My daily makeup takes no longer then 10 minutes. Obviously occasionally I will spend more time and use eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, bronzer, lip stick and more! Though my daily makeup has become less work then it use to be! Have you had stages in your makeup wearing? 


1. Less is more: You don't need tons of makeup to look pretty. The more natural the makeup the more beautiful you are. 

2. Some times it pays to spend more: Now that I have a little bit more money I can afford to spend a few extra dollars on more expensive makeup. While this is not always the case a lot of times it pays to spend a couple extra bucks and get something a little nicer! Especially when I don't use as many products!

Wow that was a long one! Off to a summer party and fire which I will share pictures of tomorrow ;) 

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