Wednesday, June 3, 2015


If I am being completely honest I use to think of Talbots as an old lady store. Maybe it is because my mom use to only shop at Talbots. I remember spending for what felt like forever in Talbots while she shopped for new clothes. Anyways while my mom has not shopped at Talbots in a long time we still get their catalogs. I decided to look through the last catalog we got in the mail. To my surprise there were so many cute things I loved! The clothes seem to be preppy, classic yet casual. I mean how cute is that lobster t-shirt and wicker cross body bag?! I don't know if it's my style that has changed or  Talbots has changed their style or maybe it's a bit of both. What ever it is though has definitely made me interest in Talbots new clothing! What do you think of Talbots lately?

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