Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Favs

Today is the last day I will be doing pre-uploaded posts! I can't wait to share with you TONS of pictures from my vacations but for now I am sharing with you a quick Friday Favorites post!
I bought this pencil case at L.L. Bean and it's perfect for school. It's just the right size for all the supplies I need to carry. Also they have tons of colors to match almost any color backpack. 

This recipe for detox water is really good. I tried it over the weekend after feeling like I needed a detox after eating SO much food at grad parties. 

I joined the Her Campus blogging network this week and could not be more excited! If you have not heard of the website it's definitely worth checking out. They have tips, tricks and tons of articles. I am also dying to read this book by Her Campus to get me ready for school!

I finished this book this week and I most say it's a really interesting business book with tons of information. If you are a business nerd like me then I really think you will enjoy this book. I found it easy to read and it also kept me interested with out getting boring! 

Pillow mist really does help me fall asleep and unwind from a stressful day. I had a gift card for Bath & Body Works so I bought this pillow spray and it smells so good!

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