Monday, August 17, 2015


Something that is so important to me is giving back to the community even if it's in the smallest of ways! So of course when I became aware of the #WhalesForACause campaign through Vineyard Vines I knew I had to partake. 
All you have to do is print out this whale, color it in, cut it out and share your whale on Social media with the #WhalesForACause! This campaign lasts until September 25th. For every whale posted Vineyard Vines has teamed up with the Jason Dufner foundation to donate $2 to help give a lunch to a child in need. This is a great way to help other kids in need as the new school year starts! This campaign is fun and easy so I encourage everyone to color a whale! 

I decided to color mine with a map of Martha's Vineyard because that is where the brand originated and I just got back from visiting their! I had so much fun coloring in my whale and 
I hope you do to ;) 

Here is the down loadable template 

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