Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Updated Hair Care Routine

Hey guys it has been a long time since I last posted (but I warned you)! I had two test this week and a paper due so I have been busy. Then on top of that I am possibly going to be joining a sorority so I have been busy with recruitment every night as well! I will definitely be keeping you updated on that front but for now lets just get to today's post! 

Last summer I shared my hair care routine with you guys but I have pretty much changed every thing around so I thought I would share with you an updated hair care routine! My hair has never felt so healthy and sleek before so I am in love with the products I am using. I have found that the best bet is to use a few high end products as compared to a bunch of cheap products. 

 1. Shampoo / Conditioner: I am in love with this Organix brand especially the coconut water line. I love this shampoo & conditioner because it leaves my hair feeling soft but it does not leave a residue feeling which is always good! 

2. Leave In Hair Serum: This hair serum/oil from Paul Mitchel is AMAZING. This stuff literally eliminates having use a leave in conditioner, hair oil and detangler because I feel like it does all those things and more!

3. Heat Protect: This heat protectant from Joico I recently discovered because of my mom but it 's the best heat protectant I have ever tried. It dries like a hairspray as soon as you spray it and it does not feel sticky in any way. 

4. Hair Spray: This Aussie hairspray is great when styling your hair because it leaves a slight hold without leaving your hair crispy and gross!

5. Dry Shampoo: I have never been a super big fan of dry shampoo though I have been using this Not Your Mothers more now that I am in college. I think it smells really fresh & does the job. 

6. Hair Straightener: I recently bought this Conair hair straightener because I needed to buy one for college. I have always used the BaByliss pro however that sucker is expensive. So when it came time to buy my own straighter for college I looked for a cheaper version and feel in love this one by Conair! I find the features to be very similar to the BaByliss. 

7. Curling Wand: I don't curl my hair too often but when I do I love using this Hot Tools curling wand. I love curling wands because they don't give you that awkward crimp in your hair!

8. Hair Brush: I honestly don't know what I would do with out this Tangle Teezer brush! It helps keep your hair from getting damaged and it gets the tangles out. I am telling you that you NEED one of these in your life!

* I hope you enjoyed today's post let me know in the comments if you would like to see a whole video dedicated to a review of the new hair straightener I mentioned *

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