Thursday, October 1, 2015

Preppy Girl Tag

It's almost Friday which is exciting and I can't wait for the weekend!! I also can not ever believe it's already October which would explain why it's so cold but I still feel like it should be summer. I am super excited about today's post because we are going to be talking all about preppy style (which is my favorite). I think this preppy girl tag is really interesting and fun to read. I also think it helps you better understand me and my style! While I was not tagged by anyone specific so I would love it if you commented down below the answers to the questions so we can all share our thoughts! I am really excited so lets just get right to the questions ;) 


Q1: What's your definition of preppy?    
A1: I would say when I think of preppy I think classy, timeless & tasteful. I also think of monogram, basic clothing items & colorful clothing. I also think preppy is a lot about the details. It's hard to put an exact definition to the word but that is what I think of!

Q2: What is your all time favorite brand? 
A2: I have lots of brands I love but my all time favorite is Vineyard Vines! I literally love everything of theirs and could just live in only their clothes. 

Q3: What is your favorite Lilly Pulitzer print? 
A3: Surprising I just recently started getting more into Lilly. With that being said I love lots of different patterns but my favorite are Watch Out, Tusk In Print, She She Shells & Jellies be Jammin. 

Q4: Favorite preppy blogger? 
A4: I have lots so instead of linking them all here just head over to the side bar of my blog where I have linked all the blogs I keep up to date with. 

Q5: Jack Rogers or Sperry's? 
A5: This is the HARDEST choice ever and I don't think I could ever pick so lets just say it's a tie. 

Q6: Jeans or Khaki's? 
A6: For sure jeans I am really not a khaki person. I have thought about buying a pair at some point but I just don't really want to spend the money when I don't think I would wear them that much.

Q7: Duck Boots, Riding Boots or Hunters?
A7: While I love them all I would have to go with Duck Boots. I love them because they are super warm and go with everything! I do love Hunters and rain boots (I mean I own them both) but I feel I just don't wear them as much!

Q8: Navy or black?
A8: For sure Navy this is a know brainer!

Q9: On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love J Crew?
A9: Obviously a 10 I love J Crew almost as much as Vineyard Vines. I especially love J Crew Factory because it's such a good deal (their flash sales are the best).

Q10: Favorite Ralph Lauren clothing item? 
A10: I am not a super big fan of Ralph Lauren I think the stuff is cute but not as much as other brands. However the Ralph Lauren oxfords are bomb especially when you buy them at the outlet mall on sale!

Q11: Pearls or bows?
A11: While I do love a cute bow I would have to say pearls as I wear pearl earrings literally everyday of the year!

Hope you enjoyed this little fun post and remember to comment down below because I tag all of you guys!

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