Friday, October 16, 2015

Black Dog & Apple Picking

T-Shirt: Black Dog / Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: Converse / M Bangle: Alex and Ani / Live In The Moment Bangle: Montraband / Earrings: Miadora / Sunglasses: Ray Ban (similar)

Warning this post got a little long! I guess my pumpkin spice Oreos really gave me a lot of energy (haha)!
I feel like each time I write a new post I need to say "Hi guys I am back" since I have been taking LONG breaks in between my posts. I have just been so busy with school that the last thing on my mind is writing a blog post. Though I am not complaining about being busy because some time I feel it comes across that way. I would much rather be crazy busy then having nothing going on. That is just the way I am! With that being said I also feel so bad if I do not post a few times a week. One because I know I get mad when my favorite bloggers don't post & two I feel like I am kind of letting you guys down. Though I have come to realize that I should not be apologizing for not being able to post as much as I would like. I am just enjoying college and posting when I feel like it not because I have to. This is something that is hard for me to remember some times but it's much more fun creating a post when I truly feel like it. I do plan on blogging more on breaks and in the summer obviously though when I am school blogging is just a fun hobby for right now ;)

On a different note I have had a super fun week between sorority events, walking in a breast cancer walk today & I am going whitewater rafting tomorrow! I hope everyone had a good week and is enjoying their weekend!

I wore this super cute yet casual outfit last weekend when my family went on our little fall adventure. I love this black dog shirt I got over the summer it's just so cute! I also took today's pictures on my new IPhone and the think the quality of these pictures are on point!

Ok I think I will wrap up this post here before it gets WAY to long ;)

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