Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Organizational Tips

Guys I don't know about you but I have to write EVERYTHING down other wise I will not remember. Especially now with having big assignments due weeks out and club meetings in college keeping organized is crucial. Though keeping organized is not always easy if you are not naturally good at it! So today I am sharing with you all my tips to stay organized!

Before I get into my tips I need to say a little disclaimer. Planers are VERY personal and what works for one person some else might might hate. Their are so many options between is, layout, size & look!

Step One: Buy A Planner That Works For You
I know the Lilly planners are very popular but I love the way they are set up. I like the basic lines for everyday. The Lilly planner has lots of room, it's very colorful, has a hard cover and has monthly calendar overviews.  I am someone who likes having just horizontal lines. I HATE vertical calendars & ones organized by time. Though like I said it's all up to you & as move into different stages of life you will probably prefer all different layouts in a planner! The planner I use is the Lilly jumbo planner & yes its very big. Other great options include: Blue Sky / Barnes & Nobles / Spartina

Step Two: Organizing Your Planner
Once you have picked out your favorite planner it's time to set it up! Their are a couple of ways to set up a planner. I set mine up kind of like a daily to do list. I write down my classes, what's due and then I just write down everything I want to accomplish for that day. Though another option is to set up your planner hour by hour mapping out your whole day! What every way you chose to organize it make sure you are writing down everything as things come up.

Step Three: Color Coding
I think this is something everyone should do. Once you start putting in all our stuff it can seem overwhelming and confusing. This is why I color code all my events. Obviously your color coding system will change as you go through different stages in life. But here is how I color code my planner!

* Purple = activities
* Orange = homework assignments that are due for that day & tests
* Pink = clubs & meetings
* Green = classes for the day
* Blue = to-do

My favorite pens are the PaperMate Flairs & I also use color coding dots!

Step Four: Keep It Basic
I know it can be tempting to want to buy stickers, decorations & tape for your planner though these things can become very distracting! I think some basic colored pens will work just fine.

Step Five: Check Things Off
One you have completed a task that is in your calendar I recommend checking it off your list or highlight it. This will make you feel more accomplished & productive. 

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