Saturday, October 24, 2015

Dressed To Impress

Lately I have had to wear business attire a lot for different clubs I am involved with at school. I think investing in a high quality suit for college is essential however it can be overwhelming so I have made it easy for all you guys by rounding up favorites! 

I LOVE Ann Taylor for professional attire it's just so simple and classy! Though it can be a bit pricey so my tip is to go to to Ann Taylor outlet or shop online when they have a sale! 
Right now is the perfect time to buy any business attire because EVERYTHING is 50% off online!!! 

The Essentials: 

1. A Fitted Suit: Keep the colors neutral (black, navy & gray)

2. Blouse: Make sure to keep the blouse simple and also neutral colored. Also try to stay away from really busy patterns. I love light pink with a black suit! 

3. Simple Watch: Since you should not wear lots of flashy jewelry a simple and professional watch is the perfect accessory when wearing business attire. 

4. Large Tote Bag: Since you don't carry a purse and work bag it's important to buy a bag that is big enough for everything. I found a nice work bag from TJ Maxx which is a great place to check out for an a affordable option. It holds my laptop, wallet, small water and notebook! It's perfect for holding everything. Also try to stay a way from super busy and flashy purses (bright color / big logos)

5. Comfortable Pumps: Obviously pumps are something you can spend hundreds of dollars on. Though these pumps from Payless are SO comfortable and they are only $20. They have lots of colors and I recommended them to anyone looking for a budget friendly option!

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