Monday, September 19, 2016

Celebrity Fashion Inspiation

The other night I ended up watching the documentary The First Monday In May on Netflix which gives you a behind the scenes look at the planning and execution of the Meta Gala that takes places every year. I will have to admit that the movies at times was quite boring however the fashion lover and event planner in me found parts of it pretty interesting. Anyways it got me thinking about where I get my fashion inspiration from. Obviously my go to place is other fashion bloggers. My favorite include Kelly In The City, Prep In Your Step, Covering The Basis, and The College Prepster. Though I also have my favorite celebrity fashionistas as well. If I could have two celebrities closets it would hands down be Jenna Lyons and Kate Middleton.  Who's closets would you die to have? 

On a different note I hope you enjoyed this fun little post for something different. I have another college post coming to you soon it's just going to take a bit of time to get it all together! Hopefully it will be up tomorrow. 

Jenna Lyons: I love her ability to combined fun prints and colors while still making it look put together. Her style is so unique and interesting. I would love to have her closet! I not only love her style but I admire her as a person as she is the creative director of J Crew and has done an amazing job with the company. Also side not her glasses are super chic. 

I think she might like shoes more than me if that's possible ;) 

Kate Middleton: Her style is so classic and elegant. I don't think I have every seen a look that Kate did not look good in. Everything from her wedding dress to her daily outfits I always am in love with. I really don't think she needs too much of an explanation!


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