Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Favs

We made it through another week y'all so it's time for another Friday Favs post! I had a really great week and am just feeling happy. Not going to lie last week was a bit rough trying to get back into the swing of thing but I am feeling much more adjusted after this week. Next week is when things start picking up as far as the work load goes. I already have two tests next week! I am also excited as sorority has officially started and we are busy preparing for recruitment. I hope everyone had a great week and you take sometime to enjoy the weekend! I will see you back here tomorrow for another college related post as I have been enjoying sharing my college tips ;) 
Chocolate Chex: I have been eating vanilla Chex for breakfast for about a year now but when I went to shop for food to bring to school I decided to mix it up and try chocolate Chex and I am really glad I did! They definitely have a chocolate flavor but it's not so sweet that it doesn't taste like you are eating cereal! If you like chocolate I think you might really like these. 

Sorority Pocket T's: I got an email about these sorority pocket T's from Fraternity Collection and I quickly added this shirt to my sorority want list! I mean an Alpha Sigma Alpha pocket T how can you go wrong? 

She Talks: I recently came across these short video clip on the Abc app and I have really enjoyed watching them. They are videos featuring women entrepreneurs as they talk about how they grew their business from a small company to something big. They have interviews from the women who founded Drybar and also the founders of Sugar Paper. 

Jack Roger's Monogram Flats: I mean monogram navy flats what else is there to say on then other than OMG! My mom texted me a picture of them this week and they are perfect. 

Make You Mine By High Valley: I have been enjoying listening to this song by high valley every time it comes on the radio!  

Pandora Ring: A lot of people have been wearing Pandora rings lately so I decided to check them out online and I really like the new rose gold ones they came out with. Especially this one I think it would be so pretty!


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