Thursday, September 1, 2016

Travel With Me: Hilton Head Island 2016

I am FINALLY finished with a a travel video from family trip last week to Hilton Head Island! I have been busy doing other stuff that I just have not had time to sit down and put it all together but I finally am done with it! I have to admit that it's not as good as the one from Vero Beach but it turned out better then I thought it would. It was hard to get a lot of footage when most days we spend the day being lazy at the beach! 

Saturday August 20th 

We drove the whole afternoon and arrived in Hilton Head around 3:3ish which ended up being perfect because we couldn't get into our beach house until 4pm. So we picked up the key to the place and started unloading all our stuff. We went to dinner at Skillet's Cafe which was very good. It was raining so hard that after dinner we just went back home. It poured so much that the parking lots started to become flooded.

Sunday August 21st 

We pretty much spend the whole day at Coligny Beach which was right near where we stayed. We packed a lunch for the beach and spent most of the time in the water because it was SO hot! We meet my grandparents that live near HHI for dinner at the country club which was a very nice dinner! We spent the night back at their house enjoying each others company with dessert!  

Monday August 22nd 

We spent the whole day at the beach again enjoying some more sunshine! We then went to dinner at Skull Creek Boathouse which was so nice but very busy. We sat outside right on the water and had a really nice dinner. We then had a amazing chocolate cake from Whole Foods (really recommend their cakes) to celebrate my birthday one last time with my family ; ) 

Tuesday August 23rd 

We spent the morning biking around the island because we rented bikes for the week and that is also how we got to the beach every day! The bikes were delivered right to our house and was very handy. Hilton Head is the perfect place to bike because pretty much the whole island had bike paths. After a hot morning bike ride we took a swim in the pool which was in the complex where we were staying. After the afternoon at the pool we ate a earlish dinner at New York City Pizza because we took a night boat cruise on the Holiday. The restaurant had very good pizza but it was not my favorite place ever. The boat cruise ended with the perfect view of the Shelter Cove fireworks which were very well done. The boat ride was so nice and cool because it was right at sunset! 

Wednesday August 24th 

We again spent morning at the beach for a few hours. We then had a lunch/dinner at the French Bakery in Shelter Cove which was SO GOOD. I definitely recommend this place for lunch. After lunch we walked around and looked in the shops around Shelter Cove. We finished the evening with a game of mini golf at Legendary Golf which was one for nicest mini golf places I have ever been too! It was a lot of fun to play some golf. We ended the night with ice cream at Kilwan's (and I had frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf)! 

Thursday August 25th 

We started the morning with breakfast at The Cottage which you MUST go to if you ever visit the area. They have an amazing breakfast and the place is just so cute. It's in Old Town Bluffton which is this really cute artist town with lots of cute stores and the first Spartina Store as well! After that we head to the Tanger Outlet mall for some outlet shopping. Later on we went for a walk on the beach at night and saw some amazing kites flying. None of us were really hungry for dinner because our breakfast was so big that we ended up just going to Sweet Frog for ice cream (it makes for a great dinner)!

Friday August 26th 

We went to the beach for one last swim in the ocean for a few hours. We then headed to Sea Pines and Salty Dog for the afternoon. We had an amazing lunch right on the water at Salty Dog with some amazing food & REALLY good hush puppies. We walked around the shops near Salty Dog and picked up some touristy apparel. We then headed over to the Harbor Town Light House and looked around their. We finished our amazing vacation with a bike ride on the beach which was so fun until we had to bike against the wind back (man was that a workout).

Saturday August 27th & 28th 

We checked out of the place around 9:30 and hit the road. We drove and drove and drove 14ish hours until we arrived back home!!! 


All in all this vacation to Hilton Head was one of my favorite vacations to date. It was so relaxing and  nice being right on the ocean. Other years we have stayed at my grandparents house off the island but it was hard to go to the beach everyday so this ended up working out great because we still got to go out to eat with them! I would definitely love to go back again next year. HHI has a special place in my heart as my family has been going every year for as long as I can remember. Their is just something about South Carolina that calls my name ;) I highly recommend HHI for a family vacation! Let me know if I can answer any question you have about my trip or any where we went. 

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