Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween


Sweater: Patagonia / Vest: TJ Maxx / Jeans: American Eagle / Boots: Sperry / Earrings: Miadora / Sunglasses: Warby Parker 

Happy Halloween everyone! I can't believe that tomorrow is that start of November already which means that Thanksgiving and then the holidays are not that far away. To be completely honest though I am so excited to be starting a new month and leaving October behind. Parts of it were great but other parts of then month were kind of blah. One of my favorite time of years is slowly upon as though which is exciting! 

I had a really exciting weekend as our sorority had our big/little reveal and my little finally found out who I was! Also my big surprised me and showed up which was THE BEST. I also went to a friends house for a fun Halloween get together! I feel like I just have lots to update y'all on so I am planning on doing a "Life Update" post with pictures sharing some exciting events that have been going on recently. 

For today's outfit I am wearing my new favorite vest that I bought completely because of Kelly In The City. I love the color combo and pattern and I am so excited so see of all the different ways I can style it! On that note I think I am going to sign off and go watch some Netflix and head to bed ;) 

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