Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This Will Pass Too

I debated on posting this or not because I don't want to be a grump but I just wanted to show you that everyone has their moments and even though my posts are always about cute fashion related things it is not always easy. 

I just wanted to write a quick blog post updating you on my life at the moment! I really have not been motivated to posts blog posts the past two weeks with so much other stuff going on. I was busy with school work and this week I have been busy crafting for big/little and the usual work. While I have had a lot of exciting moments happening recently things have also been kind of "dull" at times as well. It seems in general their is just a lot of stressful moments happening recently. I thought I was going to make this a longer post but honestly I guess all I am trying to say is sometimes the bad things seem to outshine the good but we have to remember it's important to try to stay positive. When disappointing things keep happening it's sometimes hard to be upbeat. I guess it's like the Grey's Anatomy quote "The carousel never stops turing you can't get off". We just have to remember that life doesn't stop turning and eventually the storm will pass! 

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