Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Current TV Show Obsessions & Life Updates

Little Life Update... 
Hey guys I have been spending the last week getting lots of things checked off my to-do list in preparation for a new semester that started today! I had my last first day of school today which is crazy to think about. I am feeling excited for the semester as I don't think it will be too hard. I am also excited to get back into a routine and be able to create a blogging schedule around my classes. This past weekend was a total snow storm so I stayed inside most of the weekend any was lazy. I did get together with some friends which is always fun! I have been starting the job search process which has been harder than I thought it would be. Definitely time consuming so I am glad I am starting now! Finally I tried out a spin class last week and just took my second class tonight and I am loving it. I have done cycling before but not at a studio that only offers spin. I am loving the energy of the class and it makes me feel so good after. The most important thing is it doesn't hurt my back 🙌🏻

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Current TV Obsessions... 
Now that all the TV shows are back from fall brake I have been loving a bunch of shows that I thought I would share with you! I have to admit I love to watch a show or two at the end of the night to unwind. 

This Is Us - I have been watching this show since it pretty much first came out and it never disappoints. Each episode keeps you guessing as more unexpected turns happen with the family. This is at the top of my list for sure!

The Resident - I just started watching this on Hulu this past fall so I had one season to get caught up on however that did not take me long. This is a doctor show with lots of scandal. Not like a Grey's type scandal but more like crazy law braking scandal. It is so good and it always leaves you hanging! 
Grey's Anatomy - This I feel needs no description either you watch it or you don't and I love it. Just when you think there can't be another season they come out with more story lines. This season seems to be no exception. 

The Good Doctor - This is probably at the bottom of my list if I had to pick but I still do enjoy watching it. The doctor in this series as a mental disability which can create some challenges for him however I think the shows idea is really unique. 

New Amsterdam- This show is new this year and it's another doctor show (do you see a pattern here?) but all the doctor shows are a bit different. This show takes place in a public hospital and has a totally unique story line as well. 

The Bachelor - This show is one that every year I say I am done with but then I end up watching it anyway. I am a reality TV junky so this fits into that and I mean Colton is too cute not to watch. The show has gotten more dramatic over the years but I still enjoy it.  

A Million Little Things - OK this show is AMAZING. This is my favorite new TV show that came out this year. Every episode some how seems to get better and better. It is about a group of people and there lives after one of them commits suicide. The show has an amazing plot! 

You (Netflix) - I just finished this show on Netflix and I will tell you it is 100% creepy. Like I mean do not watch this right before bed otherwise you may have nightmares. It is about a women that falls in love with a man who is actually a stalker and crazy person. The show is really addicting and you want to keep watching it but it is really creepy. 

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo - I have not watched this but EVERYONE is talking about it. If you have watched it I would love to know what you think. Is it worth it to watch? 

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