Sunday, January 6, 2019

Royal Caribbean Cruise Photos & Beginner Cruise Guide

Before Christmas I went on my first cruise with family and we all had such a fun time! I had wanted to try a cruise so when we found one right before Christmas and it just happened to work out with all our schedules we decided to go for it. My grandparents are close enough to Port Canaveral that we could drive to it so it worked out great. I didn't know totally what to expect but it was tons of fun. I am going to share a little bit about the cruise and share some pictures. However I filmed a video that goes into great detail about cruising 101 tips! So be sure to check that out below if you want to know more about the super specific details of the cruise. I think the video is really helpful if you have never been on a cruise before and have lots of questions like I did! I go over everything from check-in, food & beverage, excursions, dress code and more. 

Basics Of Our Trip: 
Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean 
Ship: Enchantment of the Seas 
Stops: Nassau and Coco Cay (We didn't end up making it to Coco Cay because of weather which was a bummer)  
Length of Cruise: 4 nights 
Time of year: Week before Christmas  
Transportation: Flew to Florida and then drove to the port 
Port: Port Canaveral 

Pool Deck 

Beautiful Holiday Decor

Last Night of Dinner 

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