Saturday, July 19, 2014

DIY office space

Yesterday I had this idea of putting a small office space in my room for my computer and to have an area to blog. Though I wanted to spend close to nothing to get a small office area. With the help of some paint, crap in our basement and the target dollar section I managed to pull together a pretty good looking office area.

Step 1: Went to Pinterest for some inspiration (below are some of my favs)

Step 2: I found a white chair and a plastic table in my basement from Wal-mart (similar chair) (same table)

Sorry about the quality of the pics- it was basically dark out when I started this project :) 
Step 3: I bought white spray paint that would work on plastic and metal. I wanted to paint the table and chair so that the metal legs would not show. (same)


Step 3: I went to target and I bought some things in the dollar section- They had all these teal items which match my room perfectly :)  

I also had these fake flowers and ball jar all ready at home



Table and chair- had
Paper tray- $1
Metal buckets- $3 ($1 each) 
Note pad- $1
Candle- had
Ball jar and flowers- had 
place mat- had
calendar- $13
letter m spray painted- about $10 
White spray paint (2 cans)- $8 total 
Ribbon on chair- had

Total: $36- OMG that was really cheap! 

I hope you enjoyed this little bit different post then my usual. Do you have any thing you want to see on my blog if so comment below? Thanks for reading and I hope you are having a fantastic weekend :) 

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