Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lavender and mint OOTD & a little chit chat

I am loving this purple and mint combo with this kimono type "thing". I have had this kimono for a while now but I have never loved what I wear with it in the summer. Then I few weeks ago I pulled out my mint shorts and thought they went good with my kimono. I love taking old pieces from my closet and making them seem new when I pair them with different things! Another bonus is that kimono's seem to be in right now so it's the perfect time to wear my version of one. 

Sorry I could not get the picture to focus very well :(

Tank top: Target / Shorts: Forever 21 (similar) (similar) / Floral kimono: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's (similar) (similar) / Sandals: Target (similar) (similar) / Bee earrings: Boutique in Michigan (similar) / Flower: Nature :) 

I just wanted to chat for a second about something that I need to get off my mind! So I discovered another amazing blogger a few weeks ago (Kelly in the City) and have spend the last few days looking at ALL her posts. I love her style and the way she writes her blog, lets just says she is an amazing blogger. Being a blogger I love reading and discovering new fashion blogs all the time. It gives me great inspiration and keeps me motivated with my blog and fashion! However I always get this wearied felling when I spend a lot of time exploring other peoples blogs. I think to myself why am I any different then any other blogger or why will people want to read my blog? I second guess and compare the quality of my work to others. I also get this felling that other fashion bloggers have a passion for writing, photography, fashion, design and everything else. But I am not like that, I love fashion and a little bit of photography though I hate to write. I am not bad at it however I never have liked writing in school but then again it's not fun writing. I do not believe I have to love every single part of blogging to still love doing it because the things I might not completely love are smaller then what I do love (I just need to remind myself of this). I guess I just have to remember that the answer is no, I am not any different then any other fashion blogger. My style might be different then others but but my blog is no different then any one else's. I have to remind myself that I have my blog and post stuff because I LOVE / ENJOY doing it and I hope that translates threw to you guys. Ok now that I got that stuff of my mind I can go to bed now :) 

Summer Rundown #23- July 16th 
* Drove home
* Unpacked
*Caught up on TV shows- Master chef and Mistresses

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