Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Stripes and statement necklaces OOTD

Today was a bit chilly out here in Michigan (our last day) so I thought I would wear my new white jeans I got on the 4th of July at the Gap outlet. I have wanted a pair of white jeans for a while now. But I could never find a pair that fit me right. I find it harder to find a pair of white jeans because they are less stretchy then regular jeans. Though when I found these boyfriend style white jeans, they fit me perfectly. I also love the little bit of distressed look they have to give them a more relaxed look. I love this combo of the striped shirt and statement necklace! Ok, I guess lets just say I LOVE this whole look :)

T-shirt: Forever 21 (similar) / White Jeans: Gap / Necklace: Charming Charlie's (similar) (similar) / Earrings: Target (similar) / Bangle: Bombay duck (similar) / Sandals: Target (similar)  (similar) 

Sorry it's been a little bit since I have done my rundown's 

Summer Rundown #18- July 11th
* Took a scenic drive/ Hike
* Went to the beach but it was a bit chilly
* Went out for dinner
* packed :(

Summer Rundown #19- July 12th 
* Left the beach house and drove back to my aunt/uncle's house (where we stayed for the 4th)
* Grocery shopped (boring)

Summer Rundown #20-July 13th
* Took a trip to Costco- Got snacks we don't need and a cut jean chambray shirt
* Got a new book at Barnes and Noble
* Did sparklers at night

Summer Rundown #21- July 14th
* Took my senior pictures all day (aunts friend did them)
* RESTED- FYI taking pics all day is tiring
* Went to Ulta and looked around
Here is a preview but don't worry I am going to do a bunch of posts on my senior pics very soon! 
Summer Rundown #22- July 15th 
* Went to Charming Charlie's and TJ Maxx
* Edited pics and worked on blog stuff
* Played games with the family
 * Packed up (leave for home tomorrow)

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