Friday, July 11, 2014

Story time: I bought a pair of cowboy boots

I got a pair of cowboy boots yesterday after wanting a pair for a little less than a year. If you have been following my blog for a little while now then you know I mentioned I wanted a pair in this blog post. Well yesterday I finally got a pair of vintage dingo cowboy boots. But there is a really interesting/unique story that goes along with my new boots. So I thought I would share with you what happened! 
BTW: This might be a little long so sit back and grab your favorite snack and/or drink 

Story Time: 
It all started as my family was sitting down for breakfast yesterday morning at a cafe in town. As we were waiting for breakfast we were looking at our napkin rings which were cut up pieces of news paper articles. My grandma's was a article about a shoe store close by to where we were stay that had over 5,000 pair of shoes in a barn! After looking up the store called a vintage sole we got the address and decided to check it out. As we got closer to the store the GPS took us down a dirt road. When we finally got to the "store" it was a couples house who had vintage shoes in there barn for sale. This "store" was LITERALLY in the middle of know where. While I am not a fan of vintage things it was fun to look at these shoes from decades ago! I was not planning on buying anything and then my sister found me a pair of cowboy boots that were my size! All the shoes are in there original box and have never been worn. Once I tried these boots on I knew I had to get them. They were so unique, were amazing quality and a good price. I love these boots not only because I wanted a pair but because they tell a crazy story I will never forget. I think clothes that have a deeper or meaningful meaning are that much more special. Do you have any clothing items that tell a story?? Store where I bought them

The shoe barn 
Me shopping in stockings from trying shoes on
Me with them on after I bought them

Summer Rundown #17- July 10th 
*Bought my cowboy boots
*Walked along the beach
*Played mini golf
*Bought a pair of bee earrings at a boutique

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