Monday, July 27, 2015

Canada Vacation 2015

I am multi tasking tonight because I couldn't miss watching the season finally of the Bachelorette! It's not the ending I expected but I won't give it away in case you have not seen it! 

Today I am sharing with you pictures from last weeks vacation up in Canada. For the past three years my mom's side of the family all rents cottages outside of Perry Sound at Snug Harbor Resort. It's a great rustic place for what we want! Unlike other travel posts where I do a specific run down of each day I am just sharing with you my favorite pictures! It was really hard to pick because their are over 500 pictures. What can I say my family loves to take pictures! Pretty much everyday we went out boating, swimming, packed a lunch, ate dinner together and then ended the night playing some intense and fun games!

I had such a fun vacation and I hope you enjoy the pictures! I will be sharing with you pictures from our two day stay at the JW Marriott resort soon (post here)! Also check out last year pictures here!


Can you spot the mink?


Selfi of the week

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