Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Favs

I have not posted Friday Favs in FOREVER and it's getting late so lets get right in it.... 

1. This intro video from J's Everyday Fashion is so fun! I love the behind the scenes look at everything. It makes me want to create something similar for my blog!

2. OGX brand has been my absolute favorite shampoo and conditioner these past few months. I especially love the coconut water line! 

3. I recently discovered the Portuguese water dog breed while up in Canada and I think it's safe to say it's my new favorite kind of dog! Fun fact it's the same kind of dog Obama has!

4. I just finished watching this movie tonight so of course I had to include this in my favorite because it was such a good movie! You have to see it when you get a chance. 

5. Lately I have been loving watching Master Chef each week! I have also been enjoying Mistresses, Chasing Life and Astronaut Wives!  

6. My top pop song lately has been stitches as well as Cheerleader!

7. It's really hard to pick just one country song as my favorite but I do love Luke Bryan and can't wait to hear is new album next week!

8. I discovered a new blog Simply Lauren Grey that you must check out! Her style is literally perfect it's so bright and cheerful! 

9. Love the new arrivals and this video from Vineyard Vines! Every day should feel this good ;) 

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