Sunday, July 12, 2015

Travel Log: Hilton Head Island 2015

 Long time no post but I am finally back home after a two day drive and I am sharing with you all the fun times I had in Hilton Head Island! My family went to visit my grandparents who live just off the island. I love it down their and can't wait to share with you this years trip! I miss the Carolina's already :(
Friday July 3rd: 

We left early in the morning and flew to Atlanta, GA where we were suppose to have a two hour layover. Though due to crazy storms our flight was delayed a few hours! So instead of arriving at 12:30 we got their around 4:30 ish!

Green tea is a must when traveling ;) 

I posted a blog post to help pass the time
My bag got VERY dirty 
After finally arriving in Savannah we drove down to Hilton Head where we ate dinner at home, unpacked and went shopping for food!

Saturday July 4th: 

It was the 4th of July so we started off the day going to Driessen Beach! We picked this beach because we thought it would be less busy then Coligny Beach. I was a bit nervous of sharks in the ocean and was not sure if I was going to go in. However I ended up going in and the water felt SO good. The temperature of the water was about 85 degrees so we ended up spending the whole after noon at the beach!

After the beach we headed back to the house to get changed and head to dinner at Crackle Barrel. Not a minute after we walked in the power went out and fire alarms went off. It was storming so hard that all the power was knocked out. So our 4th of July dinner ended up consisting of tuna fish sandwiches.  

Crazy enough the weather cleared up for fireworks and a party which we went to in the neighborhood.

Peach Sorbet

Sunday July 5th: 

We spent the day exploring parts of Hilton Head and did a little bit of shopping. We first visited the Whole Foods in Shelter Cove. Their we had lunch and shopped for some food.

Can you tell I love ice cream? 
We then headed over to the Belk and other shops in the same area. The Belk store had tons of Lilly Pulitzer which was so much fun! 

We ended the day by going to church and then out to dinner! 

 Monday July 6th: 

We started the day by going for a much needed swim in the pool! 

After our swim we headed up to Palmetto Bluff to have lunch and walk around the area! If you ever get the chance to visit their it's well worth the drive! 

Peach ice tea is the BEST!

To end the day we looked around Calhoun Street and they have the signature Spartina store which was fun to look around in!  

Tuesday July 7th 

We spend the whole day on the island in Sea Pines Plantation! We first started off by visiting the famous Salty Dog T-shirt Store. 

These birds are SO cute 

After exploring that part of Sea Pines we drove over to Harbour Town to take a parasailing trip we booked with H2O Water Sports! The hour long trip was SO much fun and something I will remember forever! 


We ended the day with shopping around the harbor, eating dinner at Mi Tierra and of course getting an ice cream! 

Wednesday July 8th 

We spend the whole day in Charleston, SC which I am going to be talking all about that in the next blog post! 

Thursday July 9th 

We shopped at the Tanger Outlet mall and went swimming one last time in the pool! I took the last day just enjoying everything so no pictures were taken (sorry)

Friday July 10th / Saturday July 11th: 

We drove home and stayed in West Virginia over night because it was about half way. Yes we did fly their and drive home! This is because our grandparents (who we were staying with) gave us their old car! 

Man that was one long blog post but I hope you enjoyed it! I love sharing pictures from trips I take for you but also for me to remember and look back on! Some vacations I just share pictures due to the fact that every day we don't necessarily do a bunch of things. However this trip was filled with lots of fun things. So I decided to share a day by day log. Let me know if you have any questions about the trip! 

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