Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Favs

Today I am sharing another edition of Friday Favs which is where I show you random things that I have been loving or wanting recently. These things can be anything from fashion to music and anything in between! I love doing these posts and I know you love reading them so lets hop into another edition of Friday Favs.

Also I feel like it has been forever since I have posted an outfit of the day but that is because I have been away and have not really been trying too hard in the fashion department! Though be sure to check back tomorrow for an outfit post (I promise)

Florida: I don't think I have mentioned it on the blog yet but I have been in Florida since Sunday visiting my grandparents! I head back home this Sunday and then go right back to college. I am ready to start the spring semester though it will be bitter sweet leaving. As you all know I LOVE the warm weather. My trip has been nice and relaxing. I will be sure to share some pictures with you after my trip. Also make sure to follow me on Instagram to get some "sneak peak" pictures from my trip! 

French Manicure: I got my nails done recently which I had not done in forever. I got a french manicure and I rediscovered my love for them all over again. Years ago before I was even blogging I loved to do a french manicure however it has been years since I have done one! I just might have to buy a kit and start doing it again. (similar kit to what I used before)

Pretty Shinny Sparkly: I recently discovered Kristina's YouTube channel and blog and I am addicted to her videos. I love her sense of humor and honesty! I also admire her as she is a full time residence student and does blogging needless to say she is a busy body like me ;) 

Inspirational Quotes: These uplifting quotes from Alpha Sigma Alphas blog (my sorority) are so inspirational to read when you are having "one of those days". I am a major quote girl so I was all over this post!

The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up: I have heard SO many people talk about this book online and in videos. It's a book about how to declutter your life, live with less stuff and live more simply! I failed to include this in my New Years Resolutions I believe but one other thing I want to do is purge unnecessary stuff and live a more clutter free life. I cleaned out my closet a little bit before Christmas however I still have lots more to do! 

Black Sneakers: I have always been a fan of neon colors when it comes to sneakers and I still totally am (my neon sneakers). However I have recently been thinking that a simple black pair of sneakers would come in handy to wear with jeans on the weekend. So I am adding these to my "wish list"!

Corn Muffin Croutons: I had a salad while away for NYE in Vermont and the salad came with these corn muffin croutons. I had never heard of them before but they were surprisingly really good! So I looked up a recipe and they don't look too hard to make so I kind of want to try making them some time. If you try them let me know what you think ;) 

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