Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Years Resolutions For 2016

As I look back on 2015 and the resolutions I set I realized that I accomplished so much and am so  proud of what I did. Last year here on Melchicmay I shared my resolutions with you. While I never thought I would complete even half of my resolutions I am happy to say I completed more than half! I think my biggest accomplishment in 2015 was my health. I started going to the gym a couple times a week & I even ran a 5K this fall! I feel so healthy and proud of my body. In 2105 I also improved my blog a lot, traveled to many places, surrounded myself with only my closest friends & I really tried to live each day to its fullest! 

Moving onto my 2016 resolutions I am going to break them up into two categories professional (blog, School, Work) and personal! I want to have more specific goals pertaining to my professional life so I decided to make two categories. So here are my goals for 2016...

My one word for 2016 is Love (Check out the idea here): Love for myself, others, my life and my career! 


1. USE ALL NATURAL BEAUTY PRODUCTS: This is going to take some time as I am not going to stop what I am using now however I do want to start slowly transitioning to using natural skin and hair products. When I say "natural" I mean things that are cruelty tree, contain no harsh chemicals & are truly good for you!

2. EAT HEALTHIER: My goal is to eat less processed foods, carbs & gluten. I am not going to completely deprive myself of my favorite food like ice cream and cookies. Though I am going to focus on eating 2 really healthy meals each day so I don't feel so guilty when I do eat "junk food". 

3. CONTINUE TO WORK OUT 3X PER WEEK: This past year I got into a routine of working out 3-4 times each week and this really worked for me. I found it was a reasonable amount of time each week so I want to keep this up this year. 

4. TRAVEL OFTEN: I have come to love traveling and I want to continue to do this in the new year!

5. RUN FOUR DIFFERENT CHARITY RACES: This past year I ran one of my first two races for charity. I ran (maybe more like fast walked) the Turkey Trot for the YMCA & the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. I loved participating in these so I thought I would increase my goal to 4 this year! 

6. TAKE A DAILY VITAMIN: Over the years I have been on and off with taking a daily vitamin. So this year I want to really get back into the habit of taking daily supplements to help maintain a healthy body! 

7. CONTINUE TO GROW MY RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD: Over the past year I have really tried to figure out what faith looks like to me. This past year I really tired to turn to god in times of uncertainty and I want to continue to work on this. 

8. STAY IN TOUCH WITH HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS: As we are all in college now it's much harder to get together with our busy schedules. So I want to stay in touch even if that means we can't see each other. We can text, talk and write each other to stay in touch!


1. CREATE A BUDGET TO HELP MANAGE MY MONEY: When I get a job this summer I want to create a budget to help manage the money I earn!

2. READ MORE PROFESSIONAL BOOKS: I want to read more Hospitality & blogging books to help become more informed about my major and blogging. 

3. WORK ON COLLABORATING WITH OTHER BLOGGERS & COMPANIES: I have done this a little over the years but I really want to reach out to other bloggers to collaborate on posts. 

4. WORK ON ENHANCING THE QUALITY OF BLOG PICTURES: My blog pictures are good but I want to make them even better. Maybe buy a new camera? 

5. BE MORE ACTIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA (INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, PINTEREST, ECT.):   I spent so much time just creating content for the blog that I often lack in the social media areas which is just as important if not more important. 

6. CREATE A INTO VIDEO FOR THE BLOG: I have been wanting to create a quick into video that people can watch if they are new to Melchicmay!

7. CREATE 100 THINGS IN 1000 DAYS FOR THE BLOG: Found this idea here and thought it was really cool. 

8. ATTEND A BLOGGER WORKSHOP & JOIN MORE NETWORKS: I really want to attend a blogger workshop or conference to continue to grow my knowledge about blogging!

What are some of your New Years Resolutions? Feel free to leave yours in the comments below ;) 

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